There just might be a chance to solve the issue of mass murders due to disturbed individuals with guns. If we are able to get the politicians to avoid talking long enough to listen. They may realize they’re both wrong on the issue of gun control. Note how carefully I chose my words there. Guns usually do not kill people. Disturbed people who have guns kill people. Maybe this can be a point we can all try to agree on? Maybe we are able to all agree that we have a real public safety issue in the United States today the effect of a system that is broken. Unfortunately, we’ve lots of evidence of what can go wrong when the system fails. It’s time for people to stop talking and begin offering real answers.

To begin with, we have to have the politicians on the left stop politicizing this issue. They, more than anyone, have already been behind the culture of violence within America today. The liberalization of the media, television, movies, and on-line games have been defended by their first amendment rights with little if any regard for the after effects they cause. We accept that it is not an infringement of your first amendment rights to yell fire in a crowded theater but showing gratuitous violence is a lot more dangerous. There are and really should be limits on what Hollywood can produce.

We also know that the right defends their second amendment rights in justifying weapons like the AR-15. Automatic weapons have always been banned as is owning a bazooka, but the right properly states that the AR-15 isn’t an automatic weapon. It’s a false argument. The issue with the AR-15 is not whether it is a computerized weapon. A 9mm handgun has a muzzle velocity of 1250 feet per second (FPS). When the bullet hits a bone, it stops. The muzzle velocity of an AR-15 is 2700 to 3300 fps according to the size of the barrel used. When it hits a bone, it splinters the bone and the bone shards splatter causing a lot more damage. That is why it ought to be classified being an assault weapon. Now don’t get me wrong… I really do not advocate getting rid of the right to possess an AR-15. Lets admit what it is and make it difficult to get one if you have problems. I would like to solve a public safety issue by keeping it out of the hands of people with mental issues and criminal backgrounds. Even seems to support this. The thing is the current system meant to do this does not work.

Consider this… Under today’s system, who is responsible for checking a person’s background when they head to purchase a gun? The gun store owner is. That’s except if it is a private sale or perhaps a gun show, in which particular case no one does a background check (and there is no 3-day cool off period). The gun store owner, whose job it is to sell guns, does the background check. There is an obvious conflict of interest there.

Further, there is no true point where all of the persons information comes together. In the Broward County attack the person had a brief history of mental illness, he had posted irrational statements on his web-site, people had reported him to the FBI, and the police have been called to his house over thirty times. Nobody was singularly responsible for saying “This person shouldn’t be able to buy or own a gun.” For the same reason, public safety, we should not defend his to own a gun beneath the second amendment. Public safety must override his second amendment rights.

Just how do we solve this?

We must license visitors to buy and still have guns. The licensing procedure ought to be tough because it should be an obstacle that weeds out those who shouldn’t own a gun. The licensing authority ought to be the point where each of the persons background all fits in place. To obtain a license to own a gun, there must be a 40 hour training course and yet another 40 hours for an assault weapon such as for example an AR-15. Police and veterans who’ve had training should be deferred from the training… but should still feel the application process. For anyone who is caught with a gun and so are not licensed there should be mandatory jail time and all of your guns should be confiscated.

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